Episode 2.1: Mike Woods Interview

Arbor Vitae
Episode 2.1: Mike Woods Interview

Today we interview our first ever Featured Craftsman, sawyer Mike Woods (@theforesterswoodco).

I (Jonathan) had the pleasure of meeting Mike 6 months ago when I was in search of lumber for the twin beds I recently finished.  From the moment I met him at his awesome shop, I was blown away by the quality of his work, his generosity and kindness, and amazing stories.  I was so excited when he agreed to speak with me about his woodworking history and the impact it has had on his life and the life of his family.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to have interviewed him, and thrilled that we can share it with all of our listeners.  Be sure to check out his work over on Instagram and if you live in the Indianapolis area, be sure to look him up.

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