Episode 3.1: Fr. Thomas Bailey Interview

Arbor Vitae
Episode 3.1: Fr. Thomas Bailey Interview

Adam had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Fr. Thomas Bailey from @monkwerks last week on the topic of practice and fortitude.  Father Thomas is a Benedictine monk on assignment at Conception Seminary College in the Kansas City area.  Driven with a desire to share the beauty of his creations and the lessons he’s learned along his woodworking journey, he starting his YouTube channel and website.  Adam and I were particularly drawn to his projects that were created with a very limited toolset like his Plywood Handplane or Wooden Handscrew Clamps.  More recently, Father Thomas started the construction of a teardrop trailer which is shaping up to be a really awesome build.  Be sure to check him out on Instagram and YouTube which you can access from his website www.monkwerks.org.

Thank you Father Thomas for your insights and reflections.  Stay virtuous!


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