Episode 5.1: Todd Clippinger Interview

Arbor Vitae
Episode 5.1: Todd Clippinger Interview

It gives us great pleasure to introduce our Episode 5 Featured Craftsman: none other than The American Craftsman Todd Clippinger!!!  This was without a doubt the most fun we’ve had to date exploring virtue in woodworking.  As we state at the beginning of every episode, one of our missions is to highlight those who are making significant contributions to this great community.  In this interview, it will become very clear why we chose Todd and why so many are drawn to his website, YouTube channel, and instagram feed.  Todd has a wealth of knowledge that he’s obtained in the 20 years he’s been designing, creating, building, and crafting the finest quality work in Billings, Montana and surrounding areas.  We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did, and, as always, stay virtuous!

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