Episode 7: The Woodworker’s Journey and Faith

Arbor Vitae
Arbor Vitae
Episode 7: The Woodworker's Journey and Faith

In our seventh episode we explore the virtue of faith and the parallels to our journey as woodworkers.  Faith is the theological virtue by which we believe in God and believe all that he has said and revealed to us … because he is truth itself. By faith “man freely commits his entire self to God.” For this reason the believer seeks to know and do God’s will. But “faith apart from works is dead”: so we strive to make our every action informed by faith and ordered toward the edification of ourselves and others. We should always seek to put into action that which we profess.

Thanks to our awesome listeners who chimed in on last Episode’s challenge, especially Adam (@catholicwhiskydad).

Weekly Challenge

  1. How do you see woodworking as a journey, and where are you on that journey?
  2. If you are a man or woman of faith, how does it relate to your woodworking?
  3. If not, what higher purpose does your woodworking serve (i.e., outside of yourself)?

Be sure to let us know on social media by tagging us and using the hashtag #stayvirtuous so everyone can find the conversation and join in!

Featured Craftsman

Corey Morgan – Husband/Father/Furniture Maker – (Instagram, Website)

Additional Show Notes

Adam’s Shop Build

Bunk bed progress

The Walnut King Bed – Leg mortises

The finished hickory box

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