Episode 9.1 – Craig Thibodeau Interview

Arbor Vitae
Arbor Vitae
Episode 9.1 - Craig Thibodeau Interview

This week we interview our featured craftsman from episode 9, Craig Thibodeau (Instagram, Website).  Craig is a phenomenally talented fine furniture maker who specializes in inlays, marquetry, and parquetry.  He has been featured in dozens of magazines and websites, and his work is truly exceptional.  We had the pleasure of speaking with him on a range of topics, and are excited to share it with you.  Unfortunately, we had a technical issue with the recording and lost a bit of the end which is quite unfortunate.  That said, there is still a great deal of wisdom and insights from a true master and we do hope you enjoy.  Stay virtuous!

Craig’s Role Models

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