Episode 5.1: Todd Clippinger Interview

It gives us great pleasure to introduce our Episode 5 Featured Craftsman: none other than The American Craftsman Todd Clippinger!!!  This was without a doubt the most fun we’ve had […]

Episode 4: Scarcity and Temperance

Summary In our fourth episode we explore the virtue of temperance and how it relates to scarcity of tools, materials, and space in woodworking.  Temperance is the moral virtue that […]

Episode 3: Practice and Fortitude

Summary In our third episode we explore the virtue of fortitude and how it relates to practice, persistence, and courage in overcoming fear of failure.  Fortitude is the moral virtue that ensures […]

Episode 2: Profit and Justice

In our second episode we explore the virtue of justice and how it relates to the profitable nature of woodworking. Whether that be financial profit or the simple reward of bringing joy to family and friends, we have both come to realize the importance of quality craftsmanship.

Episode 1: Purpose and Prudence

In our first episode, we talk about what purpose woodworking serves in our lives, and why it’s important to know that purpose if our woodworking is going to be fruitful. We also discuss prudence and how it applies to woodworking, especially when deciding how much of it to do for our states of life.