Episode 9.1 - Craig Thibodeau Interview

This week we interview our featured craftsman from episode 9, Craig Thibodeau (Instagram, Website).  Craig is a phenomenally talented fine furniture maker who specializes in inlays, marquetry, and parquetry.  He […]

Episode 8.1: Mary May Interview

This week we interview our Featured Craftsman from Episode 8, Mary May (Website, Carving School, Instagram, YouTube).  Mary has been wood carving for 25 years, and her experience shows in the […]

Episode 6: Family and Charity

In our sixth episode we explore the virtue of charity and how we share our time, talent, and treasure with our family.  Charity is the theological virtue by which we love God […]

Episode 5.1: Todd Clippinger Interview

It gives us great pleasure to introduce our Episode 5 Featured Craftsman: none other than The American Craftsman Todd Clippinger!!!  This was without a doubt the most fun we’ve had […]